About Us

Ever had the frustration of trying to send your friend or family member in Vietnam a gift? We have. 

Lindsay - The Curator

As an American living abroad in Vietnam, Lindsay realized there are so many amazing products made by local businesses. But it seemed nearly impossible to mention this to friends and family abroad, because even if something was on her birthday or holiday wish list- they wouldn’t be able to order it. So, Lindsay got to work on putting kieucurate into action. 

  Rosanna - The Innovator

Lindsay’s mother, Rosanna, came up with the original idea for kieucurate. The frustration of trying to send a gift from America almost wasn’t worth it. Things would get lost in the mail, opened along the way, and it cost a fortune to ship. It just wasn’t reliable, and Rosanna wished there was a simpler way. With a love for quirky products and an eye for creativity, Rosanna came up with the idea for Vietnam's new gifting service.



Since we know that local businesses have amazing products, kieucurate operates specifically to which city your loved one is living in. (We’re currently only gifting in Ho Chi Minh City, but join our newsletter to stay updated on future locations!) We have explored everything from popular cafes to hidden handcraft workshops to find the best possible products for you to order for your loved one in Vietnam. We’re constantly working to perfect our curated list of gifts so that you have plenty of choices.

So, what happens when you make an order?

We gather the items you’ve ordered from different local businesses in Ho Chi Minh City and place them in our fun, bright gift boxes. Our own trusty team then delivers your gift right to the receiver’s door (or work desk, or whichever spot you choose!). We’ll update you along the way so you know when your gift was received.