Welcome to kieucurate! Vietnam's new gifting service. 

We understand the trouble of sending gifts from abroad - they often arrive late, or possibly never arrive at all! Shipping is expensive, and things can be damaged on their way to Vietnam. 

That's why we've opened a new gift delivery service in Vietnam. Our team has curated a list of top local products & gifts which are delivered right to your loved one's door. So, if they love the gifts (which we guarantee they will), they can go back for more! 

From beautiful handmade ceramics, the best floral arrangements in Ho Chi Minh City, to locally made skincare products and more, kieucurate is your go-to for sending gifts to those loved ones you're missing in Vietnam. 

At the moment, we're only sending gifts within Ho Chi Minh City. But keep an eye out as we'll be expanding soon! So what are you waiting for? Let your friends and family members in Vietnam know you're thinking about them with a unique gift! 


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