How to send a gift to Vietnam in an eco-friendly way

Did you know that sending a gift through Kieucurate is more eco-friendly than shipping one from your home country or province? 

Here's why. 

When sending a gift from America to Vietnam, or Australia to Vietnam, there is a big environmental impact. The gift you're sending to Vietnam has to have a lot more packaging to ensure that it doesn't get damaged. On top of this, the amount of fuel used to ship the item is huge! This is why sending a local gift is the best way to go. 

Sagion Gift Delivery Service

When ordering a gift online in Vietnam through Kieucurate, you're reducing your eco-footprint. All of our suppliers are local and produce high quality, sustainable products. Since we're delivering gifts in only a short distance, the amount of fuel is dramatically less compared to shipping from abroad! Also, we can use less packaging since our team handles the delivery carefully. 

Saigon Motorbike Gift Delivery

The best part is, our gifts are all amazing! We've picked the best local suppliers with only the best items to make sure that you're loved one in Saigon is getting the perfect gift for every occasion. 

On top of being an eco-friendly alternative to shipping from abroad, our team loves getting involved locally to help reduce litter in Vietnam. We recently pitched in with Việt Nam Sạch và Xanh (Keep Vietnam Clean & Green) to help pick up litter in Saigon. 

Clean Up Saigon

Do you love to be eco-friendly? Make sure to use Kieucurate to connect with your loved ones in Saigon!

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